The registration process is quite simple. Are you above 12 years of age? If yes, this is the beginning of your cricket career. For such an event that is massive in the sports arena, you can get registered at a nominal fee of Rs. 999/- as a batsman and bowler. While Rs 1499/- for wicketkeeper and all-rounder. This opens the chance to play for the net trials. These trials are held all over India in 23 states under the supervision of professional BCCI/ICCI couches to judge the actual performance.


After getting selected in net trials as the best performers, the player can enrol in the Youth Cricket League (YCL) with the additional fees of Rs. 7000/-. The League charges entitle him to play for the 3-state league matches in Youth Cricket League. During these state-level matches, they will be provided coloured uniforms, food, and refreshments. The state-level cricket league is their ticket to the National level. All coaches, umpires, and associated conduct themselves with utter professionalism, honesty, diligence, and dedication.


Individual scorecards are maintained for all competitive players. There is a team of selectors who have expertise in finding the right gem who will be the future star in the field of cricket. The deserving players who are closest to securing a full century or score 10scoringns or 8+ wickets get their approval for professional cricket camps held in Delhi. Here the experts guide and motivate them to find their flair to play the best cricket.


Creating a forum that shares knowledge, and information with all those associated with youth cricket creates greater opportunities for kids across various age groups and locations to play the game with a wider audience. This is not an effort to create a rebel group or to compete with any organization.


Start with a national-level tournament so kids have an event to look forward to and compete against a variety of skills across the country. Allowing them to see the talent across the country and judge their standing. This will help these kids in improving their games immensely.


There are 3 important phases in the Youth cricket league.


Registration is done by the interested layers online at their website www. youth cricket league. in. These players get to play trials in 23 states and showcase their skills.

These trials help in shortlisting the deserving players for further rounds. This selection is done professionally by top-rated cricketers and coaches of India.


These shortlisted players who have been selected through trials from the 23 States will have to pay a nominal fee to play state-level cricket league.

These players will be divided into various categories depending on their age group. There are 5 age groups categorized for this purpose.

These selected players will play state-level level leagues and get selected for the National level YCL platform.


Corporate sponsors fund and sponsor the qualified players. The funds collected through this sponsorship are used for developing training facilities, providing the best quality cricket uniform and other equipment, healthy nutritious diet to maintain the physical fitness of these selected cream team of players.

These super talented players get to face real life on the field and live challenges in the National level cricket tournaments in Delhi.

In a nutshell, we can say that Youth Cricket League is one of the most trusted platforms for budding cricketers aspiring to play high-quality cricket at professional levels.