“Enjoy the game and Chase your dreams … Dreams come true at Youth Cricket League”

The youth cricket league is a renowned platform for encouraging young Indian cricket aspirants. It's a talent hunt platform established in association with a team of experienced cricket enthusiasts and former cricketers.

If you are a passionate cricket enthusiast, this platform is a one-stop destination for fulfilling your dream. Cricket is a mere game for everyone, but it's also a religion for many of us. Youth of today, who are ardent cricket fans, dream big to become world-renowned cricketers. They want to follow the footsteps of their role models like Kapil Dev, Sachin Tendulkar, Virat Kohli, MS Dhoni, and the like.

Here at Youth Cricket League, we give wings to their dreams and direction to their efforts. We select, train, and promote these budding cricket aspirants. The marginalized section of our society stays in remote villages. Youth of these backward districts love playing cricket at their local levels but don't have the correct direction and guidance to play professionally. We provide them with a huge platform and various opportunities at the district, state, and national levels. Our expert coaches hone their skills by providing the best facility, pitch, and equipment. Immense physical training makes them stronger to face real challenges at various levels. Youth cricket league polishes the diamond in you. It is the generation’s next revolution in the world of cricket.

We are a community of cricket professionals which includes professional mentors and coaches who select the right player for the right team. Players from all over India get an equal opportunity to register themselves online with us at a nominal fee of rupees 999/- for the batsman and bowler. Rupees 1499/- for the wicketkeeper and all-rounder.

After the registration process is over, all the players are given a fair chance of playing trials in the cricket net. These trials are conducted in 23 states of India. Professional BCCI/ICCI veterans and coaches judge these net fitness trials. They decide upon the most deserving players for the next level.

The best players selected through these fitness tests are eligible to play 3 state league matches, with colored uniforms, food, and refreshment in all matches. They have to pay a nominal fee of rupees 7000/-, where they play professional matches and are judged by professional umpires. Their database is created and maintained which helps in making their scorecards to judge their further selection.

Players scoring 100+ runs or 8 wickets are eligible for the next level. The well-deserving selected players join the camp in Delhi. These players are sponsored by the companies, which help us in collecting funds to groom and train the players. The players get to join the cricket academy closest to their hometowns. This helps them in playing professional matches from the comfort of their district.

The youth cricket league takes the responsibility of funding their training at the academy by paying the required fees. We groom this raw talent with the help of professional coaches and mentors. We hone their skills to fulfil their dreams.

All these sponsored players are selected in three different categories A, B, and C on a merit basis. The best players are given the golden opportunity to even join a residential cricket academy. They are provided with the best playing kit, shoes, uniform everything along with the sponsorship.

By registering with us, the data related to the world of cricket is at your fingertips. The live statistics of our All-rounders make it a very popular platform for encouraging this beautiful game of crickets amongst our youth.

Youth Cricket League (YCL) is one of the most trusted platforms for budding cricketers to play high-quality cricket at the top level. This platform gives an even opportunity to all and sundry alike. The participants are divided into 5 age categories starting from the age of 12 years. YCL finds the best in them and grooms them to par excellence level, which helps them to pursue a professional career in cricket. It is the gateway ticket to fame and glory, even for the candidates residing in the remotest areas. Everyone gets a fair chance to play the world-class game at a nominal registration fee.



This is the question all our participants are interested in knowing. YCL is an Initiative by cricketers to build a community of cricket enthusiasts and young aspirants. They fund the community with the help of corporate sponsors, which are used towards u development of the players. The players are given equal opportunities for playing in the cricket nets during the trials. The trials are conducted in 23 states.

The Managing Committee of YCL has charted out a Code of Conduct to ensure the integrity of the sport of cricket, promoting it, and the safety and well-being of its members and the participants playing in the YCL. All members, players, parents, team officials, etc. Agree to protect the spirit of the game of cricket. The players are destined to reach their dream platform with the league. As soon as they are enrolled, they are entitled to play with the league.

Moreover, these are the benefits for the players:



Best in class indoor facilities.


BCCI approved ground and facilities.


Indoor and outdoor training for bowling


Professional fitness training from industry experts


Providing hygenic and clean accomodation.


E-learning services and qualified facilitators.